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Commercial Information

In which countries is IQOS available?
IQOS is available in the following countries*:

Andorra, Armenia, Bulgaria, Canary Islands, Canada, Colombia, Croatia, Curaçao, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Italy, Israel, Japan, Kazakhstan, Korea, La Réunion, Latvia, Lithuania, Monaco, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Palestine, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Turkish Cyprus, Ukraine, the United Kingdom.

What is IQOS International Assistance program and what are the differences vs EU special support service?
IQOS™ International Assistance is our new service.
You can now benefit from advice and assistance 24/7 in English or in local languages while travelling to the countries where IQOS is available.
All you need is to have your customer and device registration in place.
The EU Special Support was only available in Europe, while IQOS™ International Assistance is available in the countries where IQOS™ is sold.
If you experience an issue with your IQOS™ device in the same country of purchase and registration, please, call home local support.
How to enroll in this service?
If you already have device and customer registration in place, you can enjoy the service from today.
If you are not registered, please take this opportunity to register yourself and your device component (IQOS™ Charger and IQOS™ Holder) at
If you are unsure, log-in and check your registration status on
How to obtain and whom to contact for IQOS International Assistance program?
If you need assistance while in abroad, contact the international toll free* number +800 2559 2559
Connection limitations may apply with some mobile operators. In this unlikely event, please, use the number +41 21 547 88 88* *Certain charges may apply, please consult your operator for details.
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